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Characteristics of craft candles

A craft candle is a kind of candle that produces flames of various colors when burned. It comprises leading burning agents, hair coloring agents, and other auxiliary agents. The principle of color development is based on the fact that when specific metal ions or their compounds are heated, the electrons in the molecules deviate from […]

Introduction to the production process of craft candles

Cut the white craft candle into sections (be careful not to cut the cotton wick), pull out the cotton wick for use, and break the candle section. An aromatherapy candle is a kind of craft candle, rich in appearance and beautiful in color. It contains natural plant essential oils that emit a pleasant fragrance when […]

Matching skills of craft candles and candlesticks

The candlestick is divided into high and low parts: the upper plate is small, the bottom scale is large, and the stringed cylinder supports the side; the circle foot is outer, and the center of the upper plate is broken. The cup-shaped candle holder the whole body is blue, yellow, green, and white. The plain […]